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Thread: Splitting screen out of a screen session

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    Splitting screen out of a screen session

    Is it anyway possible to detach one or several windows out from a screen session and re-attach or resume that one or that set of windows elsewhere.

    Say, I am running a screen session with a couple of windows in it. During the process of my work I felt need of copying and pasting several parts of text from different places of one window to the next window of that session. Now it is tiresome to copy a word then do CTRL+A N then paste it then another CTRL+A N (or CTRL+A P this time) to go back to the window, copy another bunch of words and then repeat the above sequence. I couldn't have copied the whole at once and paste and do editing on next window, for some reason.

    Now, thats the scenario, can't we just seperate the two sessions (anything other than ctrl-a x ) and work seperately on each?!?!?!

    Hope the question and the trick required is clear (something other than CTRL+A X methodology).



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    You could nest separate sessions and configure different escape characters. I don't know if that's good enough, but it sounds like it would do the trick.
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    You can connect to the session from another window with
    # screen -x -r <id of session>
    then you can have one of the windows in the session pressent in one connect while switching to another of the window from the other connect.
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    Righto!! it seems

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