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Thread: Need help w/home network

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    Need help w/home network

    Hello world!

    I'm writing to you from Chile, Southamerica, and need a little help with my tiny home netwk.

    Hope you can give me a hand because this thing is breaking my balls.

    This is what i have:
    1 windows box with XP pro (server)
    1 linux box with DSL (box)
    1 wrt54gl router with dd-wrt
    2 wireless cards, both w/atheros chipsets
    1 eth card in the win box

    ..and this is what i want:
    A few days ago my stereo became >/dev/null, so instead of buying a new one i prefered to set up an old pc.. i mean OLD .. let's say.. a p1 100mhz, 64MB ram, 2Gb hdd, as the new remote-controlled home stereo. Basically it would load playlists stored in the windows box, play some fm radio and CD. Before starting to build and configure the infrared-stuff i'd like to finish setting up the network. There's where i need help.

    What have i done?
    - set the linux box up (
    - connected it via wifi to the router.
    - wired the winbox to the router.
    - configured the router as AP (
    - configured the winbox to share files and printers as well as the inet connection ( with the xp wizard.
    - configured some shared folders.

    - linbox sees winbox and can connect to internet.
    - winbox doesn't see linbox neither itself.. nothing shows up in network neighborhood.. net view? nothing.
    - linbox can't see winbox shares.

    i've tried many things.. all that you can try in 5 days.. but nothing seems to work.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading!

    Juan Pedro
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    Though you haven't mentioned, I'll still assume you have actually shared some folders on the XP box.

    This may seem like a bad question, but have you verified :
    1. 'Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP' is selected in the TCP/IP Settings -> Advanced -> WINS of the Network adapter on the XP box
    2. The 'TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper' Service is running on the XP box
    3. Have you tried Start -> Run -> \\C$ on the XP Box to check if the default share is available?

    Hope That Helps.

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