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Thread: How to setup a linux internet server

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    How to setup a linux internet server

    Hi Mate
    I would like to setup a linux machine with a proxy, ideally squid proxy and a content filter such as dansguardian. I found a lot of tutorials online but since I am new to linux I couldnt manage and I am really confused. Can you perhaps guide me on how I can setup such a server?. So far I was able to install ubuntu 8.04, install all its updates through update manager, downloaded dansguardian and tinyproxy through synaptics but then i am stuck. i know I have to edit a conf file and other things but i am stuck...also dont know how i should make the server to route the connection so other PCs can connect through it...(ip tables?).
    Your help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

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    can anyone reply to my post please? i kinda need this thing set up...

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