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    Question virtual IPs

    Good Day!
    I have set up virtual IPs on my Ubuntu client machine & assigned IPs - eth0 - eth0:1 - eth0:2 - eth0:3
    When I access the website on my intranet server & check the logs on the apache server ,i find that the HTTP 'GET' request is sent from the client IP there any way that I can send the http requests from the other IPs on the virtual interfaces.
    So if i were to put it in a loop using a perl/python script,i could possibly send 'get' requests randomly from the virtual IPs and the log file on the server would reflect that......Appreciate if anyone could provide some ideas on this,or am i completely naive here..

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    I'm somewhat curious as to what you're trying to achieve here. My knowledge of vips is limited, but as I understand it the reason you would want to give an interface multiple IPs is so it can connect to multiple networks, say 192.168.12 and 10.0.0 or something like that...
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    All outgoing requests / connections from any machine will ALWAYS be ONLY from the REAL IP Address of the interface (eth0 / eth1 or whatever interface is being used). Outgoing connections will NEVER be from a Virtual IP Address, irrespective of the OS being used.
    If you need connections from one of the other IP Addresses on the box, you will need to make that IP Address the REAL IP Address for the interim.

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