I would like to setup a Gateway on a Linux box (running RHEL4.6/CentOS4.6).

The box has 2 network cards (both detected and running fine). One card is connected to my private LAN via a dedicated Switch, all machines in my privateLAN are configure with static-IP on 10.0.2.x IP subnet, with this Gateway's IP set as defauly-GW. The other card is connected to a corporate LAN, on which I only have dynamic-IP assigned via DHCP. I've setup Dyn-DNS client, and that's working fine too, i.e. I can reach this machine via the Dyn-DNS mapped hostname. I would like to be able to reach my private LAN machines from other machines on the corporate LAN, via this Gateway.

While I've done Gateways where both interfaces are given static-IP, the dynamic-IP on one interface is giving me some heartburn. Can't figure out, how to setup the gateway.

Any help, advice, pointers appreciated.

Thanks & regards,