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Thread: Should I set up ftp or can I assign permissions with Samba?

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    Should I set up ftp or can I assign permissions with Samba?

    Thanks for the forum. I'm using Suse 9.1 and would like to make available certain files that could change often in a folder assigned to a user for downloading off of my webserver, running Apache 2.

    I create these files in Windows and map a drive to the IP address/?/? folder. Currently I am using htdocs. These files have no 'others' permissions so I must manually assign 'can read' permissions on the server. Is there a way to automatically assign permissions when the files are created and made available on the web server using the Samba mapped drive to write the file onto the webserver? I'm willing to try ftp to transfer the files if this is a better way and would want to ensure permissions are set to 'read', throughout the transfer.

    So far, I have been able to set up Samba, map a drive to the SSL Apache server and access the files once manually adjusting the permissions. I can download the available file from a browser, if I know the file name.

    I'd like to automatically assign rights to the files, add a layer of security by password protecting the files and show a list of available files in the folder, perhaps from an html page or index so the end user can click on the needed file to begin downloading.

    I hope this makes enough sense for someone to assist me. I appreciate the help :!: If I am asking too much or creating too much work for such a "simple" task, please suggest alternatives.

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    I wouldn't advise putting your HTML files on a Samba share that is also the directory for your website.

    If someone hacks the webserver, your original files could be gone! The best recovery from a hack is a complete rebuild of the system, with the latest patches, so unless you have backups you may be playing with fire.

    Your method does make some parts of management easier though. If you can afford it, it's best to have your webserver totally dedicated to serving pages.

    I put my pages in a user (/home) subdirectory on a dedicated server and point Apache to that subdirectory. I FTP/SCP the files to the directory as that user and my permissions work just fine.

    This method, though more cumbersome, provides better file protection.

    Hope this helps.

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    Should I set up ftp or can I assign permissions with Samba?


    great advice on the Samba share idea. will give it a go using ftp. I think I can script what I need to automate the process and will test the permissions. thanks for the help :!:


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