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Thread: Problem with FC9

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    Problem with FC9

    after a long time being away from Linux (and, I finally installed Fedora 9 and I am back here!!
    I got both the Live disc and the DVD of the Fedora 9 X86_64.
    When I run the live disc, it works perfectly. But when I run the intalled version, I get some strange behaviours:
    1- Most of the times, when I boot my PC into Fedora, I see the first window starting all the processes, but when it comes to login I see nothing but a black screen. I have to reset my PC then and start again.

    2- On the KDE environment, when I try to logout and login again, again I get the black page.

    And something else, the new KDE environment is not as friendly as before. I think they have tried to make it look like Windows Vista, but done a bad job. I used to use KDE before, but from now on I will go on Gnome.

    Can anyone please help me with this problems?
    Here are my Hardware:

    CPU: AMD 5000+ 64Bit Dual Core.
    RAM: 3 GB Kingstone.
    M.B: Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H.
    VGA: On-board ATI Radeon X1250.
    Display: 19" Wide LG W1952S.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The live disk probably uses a generic driver that will work with most hardware, while your Linux installation seems to be using an incompatible configuration.


    /usr/bin/system-config-display --reconfig
    or just plain

    to get it working again.

    Do you get errors in your logs?

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    Re: KDE 4.0
    I've been using it on my workstation since FC 9 came out, and I've been having most of the stability issues you see all over the internet. Supposedly KDE 4.1 fixes most of these, so I'd say give KDE another shot when Fedora officially supports KDE 4.1. I'm looking forward to it as well.
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