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    Is it possible to play pc games on mandiva 2007? I just purchased madden 2007 for pc and wanting to play it.

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    Sorry, i mean mandriva. Is there a linux os that allows you to play pc games on it?

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    There's no linux distro that plays PC games natively. (Directx stuff)
    Normally you have to buy a version for linux or "emulate" it via WINE.

    There is also other emulators as VMWare, but to use VMWare ou have to pay (Am I Right?)


    To play Madden 07 you must check and see if there is some support for it. You must know how to "tweak" Wine to play such new games.
    Almost all games created before 2002 have support, for newer ones one must set some settings before the game can be played.

    I had run some games, but as a emulator Wine is it has some faults, and the game runs a little slow (depending on your machine).

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    The three methods for doing windows software on linux involve the variants of wine:

    Wine (vanilla, get it from your repo)
    Crossover (games is geared to games where the Office will do office tools mainly, but both work well)

    Cedega and Crossover are commercial, Wine itself is free. The commercial tools make it easier to run the software. Look at the wine link for the wine database for what "should" work, or at Transgaming's unofficial wiki for cedega supported games.

    Unofficial Wiki

    As for Madden 07:
    Wine doesn't have an entry for it in the AppDB

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