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Thread: RFC: Merge OpenFree into LinuxHome Networking - 20080712

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    RFC: Merge OpenFree into LinuxHome Networking - 20080712

    Purpose: To increase the activity on the community forums.

    Other Information: Over the past year the activity on the forums has been declining. Sign-ups have fallen from 8 to 4 per day, only 1 in 20 visitors visit the site directly (not via search engines) and they visit for less than 30 seconds on average. For Linux Home Networking (LHN), the average visit is over 2 minutes and one in 5 visitors visiting the site directly. Fewer than 2,000 link to Openfree while almost 6,000 sites link to LHN and the site gets more than ten times the number of Openfree visitors.

    Making Openfree a part of LHN should improve the liveliness of the forums due to the potential increase in visitors.

    Openfree was originally the LHN forums, but was split off into its own domain. It would be just returning. would become The posts and threads will be unchanged. Visitors would be automatically redirected to the new location. Links to threads will not break.

    As part of the change, most ads will not be shown to signed-in members who visit the forum.

    Poll Question: Is this a site modification that requires a vote from the entire membership, or can this be implemented without one?
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