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Thread: server problem with connections

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    server problem with connections

    am working with a server that runs SuSE Enterprise. I have been trying to get a subversion repository running, and in the course of that realized that I couldn't provide online access through the subnet that I was on(.4). It seemed simpler at the time to just use the second NIC that was already in the server to access it from the other subnet(.2). Now not only will it not get any internet access (even though I have set apache to listen to the port it is using, and opened that port on the firewall), I can't even access that computer from the .4 subnet, which is odd, considering that every computer on the .2 subnet is accessible from the .4 subnet aside from this one. From the .2 network, however, I can still access the server, but it still will not pick up any signals from the internet. Please help... Thanks!

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    I have a question: is the second NIC a second port or a second card? How many cards do you have on the box?
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