Hi there i have a problem with my squid coz whenever i try to start or stop the service using "service squid start", it gives an error message Starting Squid.....[FAILED] or Stoping Squid .......[FAILED]. The cache.log file shows the following

2008/07/10 10:22:56| /cache: (13) permission denied
FATAL: Failed to verify one of the swap directories, check cache.log for details. Run 'squid -z' to create swap directories if needed, or if running squid for the first time.
Squid Cache (Version 2.5.STABLE14): Terminated abnormally.

However, when i start squid using the command 'squid start' the service gets started without any error message and it successfully accepts the connections.

Can someone please help me to make me understand where the problem is and could be the work around because on boot squid fails to start and i have to start it manually using the command squid start. More over in order to stop squid i have to kill the squid process because "service squid stop" give the same Stoping Squid....[FAILED] message.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.