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    Newbie here...I've got 4 machines and a switch.I was just wondering how to set up a mini LAN usin these devices,i've installed linux ubuntu server on one of the PCs(thats going to be my server).Now how do i go about setting up the network.

    Once the network is up,I wish to load test the server(web server to start with) using an appropriate tool installed on a client PC.
    But I'm kinda stuck with the first part-setting up the n/w.I've got the 5 devices and burned a ubuntu server edition disktro...what components need to be installed?And what configurations?Plz guide me through.


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    Install dhcpd on the server, and configure it to listen on it's internal NIC, then the rest of the machines will find their way using DHCP.
    Then you can configure whatever you want on teh server and every machine will have no trouble connecting to eachother.
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    sounds a good idea....could u explain that in a bit more detail,specially the part wherin you say 'configure it to listen on it's internal NIC'..


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