Dear all,
When I try to configure mail filtering application called spamassassin to sendmail mail server via spamass-milter, spamass-milter's README file says to put following lines to the file and generate the file using maco.

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`spamassassin', `S=local:/var/run/sendmail/spamass.sock, F=, T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m')dnl
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_CONNECT',`t, b, j, _, {daemon_name}, {if_name}, {if_addr}')dnl
define(`confMILTER_MACROS_HELO',`s, {tls_version}, {cipher}, {cipher_bits}, {cert_subject}, {cert_issuer}')dnl
Really I have configured and its working fine.

But I need to find out the actual meaning of these code. (I know that the first line is used to connect spamass-milter socket interface with variables to execute it for the spamassassin) What are the second define line and third define line says ?
Is it really need for this?

Pls can some one tell me the exect meaning of this?