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    this is snoopy here..... Actually this is my first forum that I am participating in...but feels nice to be a part of it.....specially on an openFree Org...where I hope to learn a lot from the members. I am basically quite new to linux and just picked up enough to set up a server (mail proxy firewall etc) but still do face occasional hiccups do to my limited knowledge :-).

    hope to hear from u all soon.

    warm regards,


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    Ahoy matey!

    Linux is where alot of our members come from, so good choice in forums.

    I personally am all Red Hat, OpenBSD, and Ubuntu these days, but had a history with Slackware and SuSE too. So if you need a hand with the current batch of FLOSS goodness gimme a hollar, or one of my associates here. We have an excellent cadre of good talented peeps here that should be able to help you along.

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    Hello there everyone. I'm new in this site. . I hope I can get some information about Linux,because I just know a little bit of Linux but not that much. .

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    Welcome to the community charmayne! I'm sure we'll be able to help. How did you find us?


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