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Thread: fedora8+wifi+dhcp not working suddenly

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    fedora8+wifi+dhcp not working suddenly

    my configuration is as follows
    -2wire at&t home gateway
    -p1 with redhat 7.2 runing dhcpd
    -linksys WRT54G acting as wireless access point

    up until now the 2wire gateway also acted as the dhcp server but the last thing i did was run yum update on the fedora 8 box and canceled it before it finished downloading the headers
    now the fedora 8 box refuses to take an address from dhcp
    from either the 2wire gateway or the dhcp server (only one on at a time of cours)
    even when i statically assign it an ip it wont ping out
    it will ping itself however and iwconfig shows detects the router's ssid and mac address.. so i know the antenna works
    not to mention it seems to work in windows and HAD worked prior t
    and my laptop's wifi works on the same network with fedora 6

    any ideas?

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    If you were running ndiswrapper to get the NIC to work you'll have to reinstall ndiswrapper everytime a new version of the Linux Kernel is installed, especially with yum. You'll have to disable yum updates for the kernel packages to help protect you from this in future. You can also reboot and revert to your previous kernel version in the interrim.

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    i am running the previous kernel, the latest version of the kernel hard crashed on loading the wireless nic.. it WAS working and just suddenly stopped in the middle of doing something... guess i shoulda mentioned that.. that and the fact that the wireles 'router' is running as a switch

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