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    samba over internet


    I've been long time samba user on local lan. Recently I have the need to establish samba to work over the internet. This however does not work. I've checked for various firewall rules, ports to forward and no luck. I know there is a ssh + samba howto which I'm planning to dive into as soon as I get this issue resolved.

    Here is the schema.
    I have co-lo server and installed samba on redhat 9. Server is in Texas. I'm trying to mount the samba share from a workstation in Chicago. I'm behind a router in Chicago. The error I get is "The network path was not found".

    The iptables in the samba server have ports 137_139 open, I even disabled the firewall completely.

    Any thoughts would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Netbios isn't a routable protocol as TCP/IP is. There fore I believe you would at the very least forward the protocol on your router. On a Cisco router it is the "ip forward protocol command". But I imagine even that wouldn't work. The best solution would be to VPN from the remote location and have the drive mapped to the SAMBA share.

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