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Thread: Exim mail aliases question

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    Exclamation Exim mail aliases question

    Hi, All!

    I have Exim configured similar to and this is content of my /etc/exim4/virtual/ file:

    yura: yura@localhost
    abuse: yura@localhost
    admin: roman@localhost
    buh: iryna.demchyna@localhost, lesya.filipovych@localhost, roman@localhost, rok@localhost, tanya.pushkaryova@localhost
    finance: iryna.demchyna@localhost, lesya.filipovych@localhost, roman@localhost, rok@localhost, tanya.pushkaryova@localhost
    ira: iryna.demchyna@localhost
    lesya: lesya.filipovych@localhost
    marketing: roman@localhost
    oleg: oleg.bodnar@localhost
    postmaster: postmaster@localhost
    proman: roman@localhost
    rok: rok@localhost
    roman: roman@localhost
    sales: oleg.bodnar@localhost, roman@localhost, rok@localhost, vitalik@localhost, volodymyr.smut@localhost
    tanya: tanya.pushkaryova@localhost
    team: iryna.demchyna@localhost, lesya.filipovych@localhost, oleg.bodnar@localhost, roman@localhost, rok@localhost, tanya.pushkaryova@localhost, vitalik@localhost, volodymyr.smut@localhost, yura@localhost
    vitalik: vitalik@localhost
    volodymyr: volodymyr.smut@localhost
    vova: volodymyr.smut@localhost
    web: roman@localhost

    When I'm sending mail, for example, from to - I'm getting this mail too, cause I'm also listed in "team". How can I exclude "sender" from recipient list? Hope you understood what I meant. The same problem with "finance", "sales", ...

    Or may be you can propose some other way of handling "mail lists"?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Regarrange the order of users and group.
    yura is a user its keep down to team.

    Best Regards
    talha jilal
    network engineer lahore

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