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Thread: VSFTP on Fedora 8

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    VSFTP on Fedora 8

    Hello All..

    I have vsftpd running on Fedora 8 and local users can login. however i want local users to access only 2 folders:

    1. their home folder /home/msingh
    2. a public shared folder /home/ftp-docs

    i have a hard link setup from the home folder to ftp-docs but users cannot write to that location.

    here is some information abt my current setting:

    drwxr-xr-x 2 root ftp-users 4096 2008-03-02 23:13 ftp-docs
    drwx------ 3 msingh msingh 4096 2008-03-03 00:02 msingh

    is there something i am missing here or doing wrong?

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    drwxr-xr-x means owner (root) has write, execute and read permission(wxr), but group(ftp-users) and others (msingh) only have execute and read (xr) permission, you could either add your users to the group ftp-users (usermod -G ftp-users msingh) and give the group write permission (chmod g+w /home/ftp-docs) or you could give everyone write permission (very very bad bad bad) Or the hidden third option, configure vsftp to change owner on anything uploadet in /home/ftp-docs so it matches the ownership (the configuration file help even states that changing owner to root on uploads are even worse than giving anyone write permission)
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