Help! I work for a small non-profit and the person who set up our linux firewall computer has left the state with no forwarding information. Before he left, he configured a new firewall cpu in case the old one died - well it's almost dead and the new cpu isn't configured correctly. I don't know linux but am willing to learn. Here's what I have:

We are running a peer-to-peer network with our linux machine serving as the firewall and we have a DSL modem. The new machine is running a newer version of Red Hat - Fedora - than the old machine and I don't know how to access the desktop of the old machine to check settings. We have the eth0 setup as active on boot, IP set by dhcp and auto DNS from provider. The other nic eth1 is setup active on boot, with a static IP address and submask.

So I have two questions:
1) how do I get to the desktop on the old computer - login says: Red Hat Linux release 9 (Shrike)?
2) how do I solve the issue on the new machine so that I don't get the "starting dhcpd: failed" message? (I'm assuming that this is why we are not getting out to the internet).