Hi this is my first post here, I'll do my best to be in-line with the OpenFree philosophy.
I'm a new Linux user and frankly i'm a little worried on my linux-working capacities, because of the installation on my laptop.
This is my laptop.

HP Omnibook 4100 - 64 MB ram etc etc..

I've tried this distros:

Ubuntu alternate - Desktop
DSL (daemon small linux) - damnsmalllinux.org

but only the last one is arrived to the KDE desktop.

The problem like audio card and video configuration can wait but i've to solve the wifi drama...i'm fighting with a Peak 283717 CardBus Wireless Card, that linux read as 88w8310 Marvell Semiconductor (i think this is the chipset!?) and wconfig, etc. tell me that there aren't wifi card!
What i've to do? Please Help me i'm working on my degree thesis and i need the wireless link to my WiFi "router" Alice Gate2 Plus Wi-Fi