I want to run xawtv. I get the video in black and white and no sound.
I want color and sound.

I get these warnings when running v4l-conf & xawtv:

v4l-conf -a 0xD0000000
v4l-conf: using X11 display :0.0
WARNING: Your X-Server has no DGA support. <<<----
using user provided base address 0xd0000000
mode: 640x480, depth=8, bpp=8, bpl=640, base=0xd0000000
/dev/video0 [v4l2]: configuration done

xawtv -c /dev/video0
This is xawtv-/opt/Xawtv, running on Linux/i686 (
Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "lightgray" <<<----
switching visual (0x32)
xinerama 0: 640x480+0+0
WARNING: Your X-Server has no DGA support. <<<----
Warning: Cannot convert string "-*-ledfixed-medium-r-*--39-*-*-*-c-*-*-*" to type FontStruct <<<----

I added 'Load "v4l" and Load "dga" ' in xorg.conf
Can someone explain the meaning of the warnings and how to correct them ?