Hi, All
A few months ago, I bought a new computer when my old one just couldn't cut it anymore. I got a Dell n-530, one of those boxes they were selling then (maybe still are selling) without an operating system. It was marketed as being for "working in a DOS environment". I added a nice graphics card and Ubuntu makes full use of it. I installed Ubuntu Studio, then added KDE, and a few other odds & ends, and all seemed to be going well. I had the partitions on two drives all laid out in advance, because I knew I was gonna want to install several distributions and FreeBSD.

Then I tried to install another OS. Nothing went right. I am unable to get any OS other than Ubuntu to work - at all. interestingly, every flavor of Ubuntu has done just fine, working as it should. But Fedora 7, Slackware, Debian, Suse, Mandriva, The BSDs (Free, Open, & Net) each found its own way to fail. Some got all the way through the installation, but then refused to boot. One or two of these didn't get all the way through the install program.

I'm thinking the problem must lie in the Dell. I've read, too late, that the processor ( Intel Core 2 duo ) is buggy.

I would love to hear suggestions. Any thoughts on why all the Ubuntu variations work properly when nothing else will? Ahhh - don't ya just love a mystery?