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Thread: External Hard Drive

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    External Hard Drive

    Is it possible to install Linux on a firewire external HD? I just got me a new usb/firewire enclosure and added a 160gb drive inside it.

    I know I could install OS X on it but I would like to keep OS X on the internal drive and install Linux on the external. If so how would I go about installing it. I'm thinking of installing either Debian, Fedora 8, or Ubuntu, last choice.

    How good does the G4 mini wireless card work with linux?

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    If your BIOS supports booting from USB/firewire, it should work. I'd say start an install procedure and see if the installer can pick up the drive.
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    I think you want to install the Linux OS in USB/firewe it is simple just boot the CD and select other rhen /dev/sda default /de/vsdb and install Grub in /dev/sda otherwise the system not boot when insta grub boot loade in USB/firewe (/dev/sdb) see

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