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Thread: Where for arth thou gorn?

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    Exclamation Where for arth thou gorn?

    Me and qeed were chit chattin away talking about the old #ljr. I tried to pm you, but you dont accept pms on this site. We're sitting in #nerds pretty much all the time now. Feel free to stop by whenever.

    Or if anyone knows where i could find gorn, it would be much appreciated.

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    He's still on aim...
    63,000 bugs in the code, 63,000 bugs,
    ya get 1 whacked with a service pack,
    now there's 63,005 bugs in the code!!

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    his aim would be?
    I dont have it =/

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    Use the link from his user profile
    Don't worry Ma'am. We're university students, - We know what We're doing.
    'Ruiat coelum, fiat voluntas tua.'
    Datalogi - en livsstil; Intet liv, ingen stil.

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    Wow, haven't heard that name in forever.
    arrogance breeds ignorance

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