Purpose: Find a theme that is supported in vBulletin 3.7

Other Information: The current version 3.6 theme is unsupported by its creator. There are no plans to support it in version 3.7. With the eventual need to upgrade vBulletin to version 3.7, we'll need to find a theme that has active development in the vBulletin.org community.

I have visited the vbulletin.org site and found the six most downloaded themes for the v3.7 beta.

The themes are Kirsch, Rooq, Visions Blue, Visions Dark, Visions Green and Webber Classic. Samples of each can be seen here.

I'm going to assume this modification requires input for the entire forum. Polling will close on February 15.

The monthly community bulletin will announce voting on this. To receive the community bulletin you need to enable "Receive Community Bulletin Newsletters" in your profile options.

Poll Question: Which new theme should OpenFree.org start using?