Dear Experts,

I've IBM Xseries 225 server with Xeon 2.4 GHz, 1 GB DDR RAM, four SCSI hotswappable hdd of 36 GB each (including HOT Spare). Redhat Linux 8.0 is running on it. (It is going to be migrated to RHEL 4 after 4 months). We've 30 desktops in the network. We're having cobol based programs installed in the server. those are accessed by the clients (RH 8.0 and win XP SP2) by telnet 'ing the server and login via a user (i.e. arun) which already having the scripts running through the .bash_profile of that user.
Now the problem is recently we've purchased 20 new desktops and installed RHEL 4.4 workstation version. It is connecting to the server, can login to server using the user (i.e. arun) and also can run the programs as well but it cannot print the data from the local printer which is attached to the desktop.
The scenario is..In RH 8.0 (as a workstation), to print data from the cobol based programs by telnetting the server we are doing the following tasks..
Desktop side - 1) Create print queue with name "dmp1049191139" (The complete ip without period). Print queue type- local, device-/dev/lp0,driver-text only printer. 2)enter a line "DEFAULT ACCEPT" in line no 97 in /etc/lpd.conf and change the entry of printcap file path to /etc/printcap from /etc/lpd_printcap in line no 218. 3) put a # mark in the line REJECT service=X not server in the 3rd last line of /etc/lpd.perms
In server side - 1) create print queue name "dmp1049191139" as the same in PC. Print queue type - Unix print queue (in this type; we again type the ip of the pc and same queue name it required), device - /dev/lp0,driver - text only printer. And same changes made in /etc/lpd.conf and /etc/lpd.perms file. After doing all these I used to restart both network and lpd services in both server and client machines. After that I can print by telnet the server in either way (i.e. by cobol based menu driven programs and by typing this command after reached to # prompt after telnet and login to server successfully.
# lp -d dmp1049191139 <filename>
After giving this command, print job automatically routed to the printer which is connected to the client pc (Basically DMP). Though I'm firing this command from the client (by telnet to server). Now, in the new pcs where RHEL 4.4 (workstation) is installed having CUPS printing system. and I've to setup the printing in the above scenario. What is the way to do it, so that when I telnet to the server and send a print job, I should automatically redirected to the local pc. Pls give me the solution as soon as possible.

Any Help will be appriciatable.

Thanks in Advance.