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Thread: Finding NAS port number

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    Finding NAS port number

    Dear Friends, How to find the NAS (Network Access Server) port number in RADIUS scenario. Is there any command to find out it. Pls let me to know. Thank you.

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    NAS has Id not port number

    my question - what is your query can you share in detail..

    Some fundamentals about radius

    Radius is using 1812 and 1845 by default.

    there is nothing called as NAS port number . there is nas ID and radius listen request throught 1813 and 1812 by port by default.

    When you request authentication from radius it will send authentication request to port TCP 1812 and if it is successfulll or not client will send accounting to radius 1813 and according radius will generate accounting record ..

    Guys - if i am worng plz correct me .

    Vipul Ramani

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