I have heard that the Mac OS X X86 version can be installed on a PC with a CPU supporting SSE2 and SSE3.
Is it true? I mean is it possible to install Mac OS on a PC with Linux and M$ Windows?
There are many versions of Mac out there, if it is possible to install Mac OS on PC, which version is better?
I am planning to buy Mac OS for my PC if it can be installed on it.
My PC Info:
CPU: AMD64 X2 5000 (supports SSE3)
RAM: 3 * 1GB DDR2
H.D.D: 250GB Maxtor SATA + 160 GB Maxtor IDE
M.B: Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H

Installed OSs:
Fedora Core 8
Windows Vista Ultimate

Thanks in advance.