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Thread: Mac OS on PC

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    Mac OS on PC

    I have heard that the Mac OS X X86 version can be installed on a PC with a CPU supporting SSE2 and SSE3.
    Is it true? I mean is it possible to install Mac OS on a PC with Linux and M$ Windows?
    There are many versions of Mac out there, if it is possible to install Mac OS on PC, which version is better?
    I am planning to buy Mac OS for my PC if it can be installed on it.
    My PC Info:
    CPU: AMD64 X2 5000 (supports SSE3)
    RAM: 3 * 1GB DDR2
    H.D.D: 250GB Maxtor SATA + 160 GB Maxtor IDE
    M.B: Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S3H

    Installed OSs:
    Fedora Core 8
    Windows Vista Ultimate

    Thanks in advance.
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    There is a website that gives info on how to install the Mac OSX on a PC. Try the following site:

    That should give you a good start.

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    Well I have yet to get OS X to install on non Apple hardware or into a vm, but apparently 10.5 is the way to go. Note, that it is likely to break anytime there are updates from apple. Really, you are best off getting a real Mac and an extra firewire drive and boot Linux or Vista off that when you want to boot native. I personally have VMs of everything and a second drive with Fedora 8 on it. Eventually I will finish getting Wine working in OS X, but as of now, its much more stable on Linux. So most of my gaming is on Linux.


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