I have recently obtained a copy of Mandriver Powerpack. I have installed Mandrake live. No problem at all. My problem is when I try to install Mandriver Powerpack. It goes through the usual check.. Finding hardware etc. It then starts to load it into memory. Part of the way through this I get an error message... Fatal Error During Installation... then it shuts down. I have tried three drives so far.. all checked and working ok. I have also tried the various boot options contained in the Install readme file. Nothing works. I have used the manufactures cd to check the drives. All are 100% ok. I am a pretty experienced windows user but this is no help at all. I have also tried to perform an upgrade of Mandriver live with the Powerpack dvd.. No joy there either.. I am totaly stuck on what to do. Mandriver live installs on all the drives ok.Any help would be very appreciated..