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    Question Network Access Server

    Dear Friends,
    I know a little bit about NAS with a huge dump of doubts. If I want to make my system as Access server for RADIUS there any software for configurig NAS. if there where can i get it. Can u give a define what is NAS actually. Thank you.

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    Little about NAS

    NAS hardware is similar to the traditional file server equipped with direct attached storage. However it differs considerably on the software side. The operating system and other software on the NAS unit provides only the functionality of data storage, data access and the management of these functionalities. Use of NAS devices for other purposes (like scientific computations or running database engine) is strongly discouraged. Many vendors also purposely make it hard to develop or install any third-party software on their NAS device by using closed source operating systems and protocol implementations. In other words, NAS devices are server appliances.

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    I know little about radius, but what you could do is setup a OpenAFS or NFS server and all OS's can connect to them without any issue. If you are looking for authentication both can do the trick.

    As far as generic NAS setup, try hitting up OpenNAS, as they will be a good spot for general info for a decent NAS server. I would personally do a RHEL/CentOS server with OpenAFS + authentication, but that is me. Or even OpenBSD.
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