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Thread: Relieve a full /tmp or /home directory

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    Relieve a full /tmp or /home directory

    If your X server will not boot, what solutions can you help me with?

    Primarily how would you relieve your full /tmp or /home directories?

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    i does not understand your questions 1st would u like to explain whats your means about relife from /tmp and home.

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    Use a live cd to get a system up.
    Mount the /home dir as r/w
    Cleanse it so that there is free space
    Mount /
    Cleanse /tmp so that there is nothing there.
    Shutdown, and reboot off the hard disk.

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    How would you go about "cleansing" /tmp so that it is empty? mv?? What would you do to erase files from /home (commands)?

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    use the command
    rm filename
    to remove files
    warning: there is no undelete option when using rm! (if you do delete something you didn't want to, make sure to do nothing else to that disk, as there are methods of recovering data, but the more writes you do the greater chance you run of destroying your old data).

    hope this helps
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