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Thread: Wtf Usb Caddy!

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    Cool Wtf Usb Caddy!

    Hey guys. I have recently purchased a IDE to USB hard drive enclosure so I can get some data off my million and a half of IDE hard drives hanging around. Every time I plug it into my PC, I get an error saying that the device has malfunctioned and that windows cant recognise the device. I noticed that it also disconnects all the other USB devices on the PC when i plug it in too. Here is what I have tried to fix it:

    1.) Changed jumper settings on the hard drive multiple times.
    2) Tried different USB ports and pc's
    3.) Tried it on my mac and windows. (same result, nothing)
    4.) Even tried changing the polarity of the ide cables (even though I know they are right in the first place)
    5.) Taken one back to the store and got another one
    6.) Tried different hard drives

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I have had DOA enclosures from Newegg on a few occasions. I would return it and get a different one. If this is a replacement already, go a different brand. I have found that the el cheapos are absolute crap and to avoid them. I am a fan of Newertech. Not the cheapest, but definitely the best I have used and some of the most feature rich enclosures period. Fanned, USB 2, FireWire 400, FireWire 800, slave USB hub slots for more goodies to plug into it, so on.

    Plus they have the uber techie's cable too: USB->SATA/PATA cable Great for field work.

    A bit Mac centric, but USB and FireWire are standards, so it works fine for Linux and Microsoft OS's too.

    The Cable:

    Recommended chassis:

    Note, they already show the price with a HD in it. Goto the individual page and they have the pricing for all drive sizes and empty chassis. The MiniStack v2/3 are what I recommend. I have 2 v2s and 3 v3s and am incredibly happy with them over some of the el cheapos from NewEgg. Quiet as advertised too.


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