SLED10 is configured with DHCP in the LAN 10.x.y.z/ Gateway is 10.x.y.1/
I want to access the Internet through the proxyserver 64.q.w.e/ (which is located in the next town).

Firefox has the proxycinfiguration 64.q.w.e port 8080.
Windows and Mac machines reach Internet with the proxyconfiguration 64.q.w.e port 8080.
When I tracert 64.q.w.e in dos, I can see 5 IPs before 64.q.w.e.
When I traceroute 64.q.w.e (with SLED 10 or Mac), it stops at 10.x.y.1

ON SLED 10, the squid.conf file has:
TAG: http_port:
http_port 8080 (or 80)

TAG: acl (about line 1830) reads acl CONNECT method CONNECT, as next line I insert:
aci allowed_hosts src 10.a.s.0/ Then I restart squid. I can not access Internet. Then I change allowed_hosts to:
aci allowed_hosts src 64.q.w.0/ Then I restart squid. I can not access Internet.

Please help me with the some detail configuration of the squid.conf file...

Regards Firak the newbe