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Thread: findout windows hostnames using ipaddress

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    Smile findout windows hostnames using ipaddress

    Dear All,

    I am writing a bash script to find out hostname(machine name of win xp,2000 and 98 local area net work which doesn't have dns name resolution configured) form ip address. I've tried ping, traceroute and other various utilities, but unable to do that.

    In windows, dos
    ping -a <ip address>
    gives the hostname of the ip address owned by machine. But in linux, bash I've tried, couldn't found in man pages.
    Is there any compatible command for that to accomplish my goal?

    Is there any way to read header of the ip packet and get any information related to hostname after ping to that ip address?

    Or any good way of doing that?

    Pls help me to solve this problem in bash?

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    This information may be available on your router if you have access to it whether using static IP's or DHCP.

    Another possibility would be Samba configuration files if the network is using Samba.

    Just a couple of shots in the dark !

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    Oh thanks for the interest.....

    I have found a shell command

    nmblookup -A <ipaddr>
    Which gives the machine hostname of the ipaddress. Then I can cut the relevant part from that.

    Any way thanks for you.

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