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Thread: Laptop - (Reboot & Halt)

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    Laptop - (Reboot & Halt)

    On my bro's laptops it seems that most distro's dont reset or halt correctly.. I read somewhere that its a bug.. How can I fix this?

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    Re: Laptop - (Reboot & Halt)

    as far as fixing the reboot and halt scripts, I can't help you there. Maybe a google or search will help?

    If you haven't tried the "shutdown" command, maybe that would work better (it always does for me)


    shutdown -r now
    to try and reboot the system (you can use the -h flag for halting it).

    Hope this helps some....

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    Re: Laptop - (Reboot & Halt)

    Will that turn off the computer too?

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    Re: Laptop - (Reboot & Halt)

    No. It will not. Unless you have APMD configured, all it does is it will simply reboot/halt your computer depending on the switch you used. Poweroff command does the same thing.

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