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Thread: Xterm not working

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    Xterm not working


    I log into a rh7.2 machine and try to run xterm but I get this.

    xterm Xt error: Can't open display.

    Can anyone tell what the executable that runs this and how to fix this thanx
    Im in a rush.

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    Re: Xterm not working

    it sounds like you don't have an xserver running, the rh box does not know where to export the display too or perhaps there is a permision problem.
    What are you telneting from? if win32 based and you have an xserver installed (e.g. eXceed, xwin32, Xfree86) then type env in a terminal, if the varible DISPLAY does not show up try a export DISPLAY=ipaddress:0.0 - putting in the correct IP address of course.

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    Re: Xterm not working

    Im ssh'ing from another linux box.

    what do you mean xserver?

    when I compare the tcp ports that are open on both machines I see the
    that port 1026 - nterm is open on the one that can xterm. But I don't know what the application is, other wise I'd install or enable it. what is the package that allows this called.??

    --I also did export DISPLAY=myIP and the same error came up.


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    Re: Xterm not working

    This page helped me out when I was fooling around with remote x sessions. and a similar page...

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    Re: Xterm not working

    try xhost - while on that box, then try again.

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