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Thread: Trace IP Addresses

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    Trace IP Addresses

    I am in need of some guidance; I would like to know how I can track/trace IP addresses that click on my Google/Yahoo/MSN sponsored advertising links.
    Perhaps a Web Log of some kind. I feel that some of my competition may be clicking away on my Google Adwords, Yahoo, MSN sponsored links costing me quite a bit of monies. I want to BLOCK their IP addresses so that they can not click on my Ads. Can someone please assist me? I have set up Google analytics, but I need to know the IP addresses which click to often.


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    Start with a whois on the IP address. See where the connection is. Then open a web browser, go to the IP, and see if there is a site hosted there. Of course, the IPs that they are coming from, are probably not IPs sites are hosted on, but at least you can see the location in which the IP is coming from, then in the whois of your competitor's sites, you can see if the registration addresses match the location of the IP. Just a few things.
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    You don't say what os your running but suse has several default programs for tracing ip's
    the one i happen to like is whois which can be installed under yast software
    then there is of course source forge or you could do it the old fashioned way and go through your console

    (had a link to here just add the http(

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