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Thread: GNOME and automount

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    GNOME and automount


    I have a little problem I've read (rather) long time ago the answer, and it is (as I remember) quite simple.
    I have a laptop with no network connection with GNOME on it (KDE does not function). Employees working with it are normally using floppy disks. Until now, they have to mount the floppy disk to transfer their files to the hard disk (and vice versa, seems that once mounted, you have to mount again after some time without transfer). As the absolute majority of the employees are "clicky-clicky" Windows users, they are rather annoyed and threaten me with death or reinstalling Windows on the laptop.

    I have already heard about configuring a little file to make floppies automount under GNOME. Anybody remembers the solution?

    Thanx in advance

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    Re: GNOME and automount

    You need to edit the "/etc/fstab" file. Here is my fstab entry for Floppy drive.
    /dev/fd0        /mnt/floppy       auto  noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0

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