sorry, I didn't introduced myself.
although I don't think anyone cares really... I had not till today taken a look at the welcome thread.
I've discovered this forum after I found P.Harrisson's site:

I am running Debian (have installed other linux) for a month, but only use debian, still I would like to have time for other lx.
Working on xp...... but willing to study linux, love debian especially, I had long time ago installed sarge on a PIII, which crashed and had no time/nor resources to dedicate to linux till now.
I have started with the bash, and now am taking my time to go around the system, reading system txt-based files, and listing /

I could easily panic when I realise the extend of knowledge I need to acquire, I need to calm down and be more relaxed.

I also noticed that I spend a lot of time reading the forum and even writing (about the only things I know) and I don't spend enough time studying.

Thank you all,