I thought I would try this debian thread to ask for help about my mbr...
have tried freebsd, but no answer, although it isn't specific to debian, I am landing here.

2 HD
debian /boot is on hd0,0 or hda,1 and multi-boots the other systems installed on both hd0 and hd1

I failed to install schillix, and had chosen to dual-boot schillix and debian in schillix installation menu.
Schillix never started, but has modified the MBR and each time I boot the system it presents me with a black screen and 5 options from F1 (default) to F5, all for linux.

only F1 leads me to the debian multi-boot menu from where only debian now boots.
what schillix has done is moving partitions numbers, (except the debian one, as I chose debian to dual-boot).

I noticed once I could start fedora from the debian menu, but fedora wouldn't see the /Data (a partition I mount for each system to share) on it's real /dev/hdc8 but as /dev/hdd (showing the contents of previous view of cd-rom)... now fedora won't start anyway.

I am not concerned about the other systems, I can always repair or reinstall, what I'd like to do is boot without getting that pre-boot black screen with options F1-F5, I'd like to get the debian multi-boot menu to come first and only.
In clear I'd like to get rid of that schillix aborted bootloader.

I thank you for your time.