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Thread: problem with "logrotate"

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    problem with "logrotate"

    This is my simple logrotate.conf

    /var/log/test/temp.log {
    rotate 1
    start 0
    size 1k

    i m running it using the command "logrotate -dvf logrotate.conf"

    The problem is that the rotated log was not being logged into the current directory, instead getting deleted.

    Whr am i goin wrong?


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    Post RE: problem with "logrotate"

    For a start you are running logrotate in debug mode, in that mode no changes will be made to the logs or logrotate. Also the -v switch is redundant as -d also implies -v.
    Check out man logrotrate, it has all the switches and commands for that program


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    thanx for the reply.I sorted it out, but still facing some other prob.

    Here's my conf file

    /var/log/test/log.txt {
    size 100
    rotate 100
    olddir /var/log/chow

    I set it up as a cron job running every minute.The problem is that log.txt is being rotated only after the size reaches 1MB irrespective of the size parameter value i m specifying.

    I added the following to my crontab:
    00-59 00-23 01-31 01-12 00-06 /usr/sbin/logrotate -v /etc/logrotate.conf >/dev/null 2>&1

    I m getting the following if i run logrotate -v logrotate.conf:
    reading config file /etc/logrotate.conf
    reading config info for "/var/log/test/log.txt"
    olddir is now /var/log/chow

    Handling 1 logs

    rotating pattern: "/var/log/test/log.txt" 1048576 bytes (10 rotations)
    olddir is /var/log/chow, empty log files are rotated, only log files >= 100 bytes are rotated, old logs are removed
    considering log /var/log/test/log.txt
    log does not need rotating
    what ever the size i specify,i always see that 1048576.

    Whr am i going wrong?

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