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Thread: Checking size of file/folders

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    Checking size of file/folders


    I the following two command give the names of the folder of files on the desktop which have their size in MB or GB, am I right?

    [root@localhost Desktop]# du -h |grep M

    [root@localhost Desktop]# du -h |grep G

    What do I need to use as a command to get the name of the files/folders within a particular range in terms of size ie MB or GB? If I want to know the names of the files/folders on the desktop that are larger than 5 MB but less then 10 MB in size? Thanks..

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    find ~/Desktop -maxdepth 1 -size +5M -size -10M
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kernel_Killer View Post
    find ~/Desktop -maxdepth 1 -size +5M -size -10M
    Thank you...........

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