I have this problem with my mouse that is very very annoying. It doesn't happen all the time, but about half of the time. I move my mouse to a place and it takes a bit to long to go there or it moves a bit too far or not far enough. Sometimes it doesnt read the clicking. This problem im preety sure has to do with the computer and not the actual mouse since it happans sometimes and to other mouses also it seeems like.

The mouse i am using is logitch something. It is wireless and it was about $60. When it woks fine, I look at the logitech menu and the status of the batteries say (in Green color) Good. When it lags It switches from good to unkown then back and forth threw the whole time it lags. Like i said I really dont think the mouse is the problem because it works fine on my other computer. I mostly play games online and this problem is so bad i cant play at all contempt and just frustrates me to the point i dont ant to play. Can someone tell me why and how I can fix this?

My computer has 2 gig ram, 256 video card, 3.6 Hyper thread proccesor, and all the other specs are also good. I think it has to do with viruses (MAYBE).

Thank You.