My Firefox will not connect to internet after the latest update. But it did work the day before when I updated nearly everything including Flash player to 9.x and it worked perfectly. Sadly enough I've forgot exactly what I updated the day after but EVERYTHING is up to the very latest version now in any case.
I'm trying to get around with Konqueror but it sucks in comparison and it doesn't work with all my usual sites.

Can something have changed in some file which determines what program gets access to the internet? Or in, something I've heard about, IP-chains / IP-tables? If this has something to do with what program gets access to the internet then I would be really glad if someone could show me EXACTLY how to change it, since I've never done anything like that before. A step-by-step-list intended for children would be appreciated since I absolutely hate the command line and therefore never learned it...

My system:
Motherboard: Tyan S2895
CPU: 2xOpteron 285
Memory: 10GB
Graphic: 2xNvidia Quadro FX 3500
Hard drive: 4xSamsung 250GB SATA
Monitor: Samsung 244T, connected to graphic card 1

/ Hoiladon
PS. I've allways used the graphical YAST for adding and updating. DS.
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