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Thread: need help with linux script

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    need help with linux script

    hi experts,
    i need help with these 2 exercises, i hope someone can help me with them or even put me in the right direction:

    1) - when run it generates a random number between 1 and 100 and asks you

    to guess the secret number until you guess correctly. The script tells if the guess was too

    high, too low or correct. You can guess 0 (zero) to exit the program. After you guessed

    right the program will tell how many tries you needed and ask if you wish to try again.

    2) when run it shows all data of the students in students2,

    sorted by year of birth, the youngest on top. The students that have the same year of birth

    should be alphabetically sorted by name.

    here are the student sin students2:

    Lucile st155 1985 Belgium
    Monique st933 1983 France
    Giovanni st126 1986 Italy
    Piet st063 1983 Holland
    Pierre st356 1986 France

    any help will be realy appreciated


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    Post RE:need help with linux script

    Seeing this is a school programming task I will not help you with code, instead I will point you in the direction of --> also the advanced guide as well -->

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