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Thread: Dead TCP/IP Stack = DEAD VISTA !!

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    Dead TCP/IP Stack = DEAD VISTA !!


    I managed to wreck Windows Vista accidently in record breaking time, only a
    few minutes needed:

    1. Remove all protocols from "connections".

    2. Remove network device.

    3. Wait until Vista detects it's a non genuine copy or it's trail has

    4. Reboot

    End result:



    1. An internet connection is needed to re-activate Vista !

    2. Trying to restore the TCP/IP Stack via last known good configuration did
    not work (Black screen only).

    3. Trying to restore the TCP/IP Stack via safe mode is not possible because
    safe mode not allowed in reduced mode.

    4. Windows Vista was unable to restore the TCP/IP Stack by itself.

    Background story:

    I installed Vista in Virtual PC to test it out. I tried to get the virtual
    network working via a loopback adapter, I did the same with Windows 95 in a
    virtual pc.

    The funny thing is: Windows 95 worked perfectly and detected the virtual
    network hardware. Windows Vista totally XXXXed-up, me only partially to
    blame.. I did not give Windows Vista a chance to boot-up, it was already
    running from a previous virtual session, maybe if I did a reboot it might
    have all worked flawlessly.. however it still should have worked after I
    removed everything because that's EXACTLY what I did in Windows 95 and it
    worked there, and probably in XP it would have work as well. Many times
    rebooting Vista did not fix the problem !


    Windows 95 and Windows XP OWN Windows Vista BIG TIME.

    Pretty XXXXing unbelievable.

    Also fortunately for me I do have a backup of the virtual machine
    somewhere.. I am not sure if it's infected though.. cause I used it to
    test something out



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