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Thread: WinXP will not start soundcard driver

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    Cool WinXP will not start soundcard driver

    I have a new Gigabyte GA-7DXE Triton motherboard installed on my pc and thought I had a possible conflict between my creative live soundcard and onboard via ac97 sound chip (even though I had disabled ac97 in the bios) Neither source was recognised as a playback device under Sounds and Audio devices in Control Panel.

    I thought I'd remove the creative card and see if the onboard sound would work by itself, re-enabled it in the bios but no luck.

    Since then
    I have updated the Bios and Via ac97 drivers;
    All the latest Windows updates, Direct X 9.0 (uh-ho) have been installed to try and solve the problem.

    Still no luck,
    Control Panel/System/ Device Manager can see the via ac97 sound device and says its fine, the drivers are fine, and the device is working properly.

    Under Control Panel/Sounds And Audio Devices/Volume, Audio or Voice Tab, everything is greyed out and says no device.

    Under control panel/sound and audio devices/hardware/properties/ audio devices, it says Via ac97 audio controller Status: driver is enabled but has not been started.

    What can I do to start the driver and get it recognised in sounds and audio devices?
    The windows troubleshooter doesn't tell me anything other than check which device is enabled (none are) but no more help after that.
    It won't play music files or system sound files as there is no device recognised by sounds and audio devices.

    Please Help
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    Did you remove the creative drivers, or did you use the ones built into XP? You might try reinstalling the chipset drivers, and then your audio drivers (per Gigabyte).
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