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Thread: mrtg error

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    mrtg error


    i am new to mrtg
    i have installed and configured mrtg in REd hat linux 9....
    when i try to load the graphs in browser i get the following error
    Object not found...the requested url was not found on this server.if you entered the url manually check the spellings and try again
    error 404
    what is the problem....plz guide me

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    Rather your HTTP server (usually apache) is not running, or you are going to the wrong address. Try going to, and make sure you web server is indeed running.
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    Dear i am also trying to configure MRTG and configured on other machine. Put the ip in browser as and must check httpd service as said Kernel_Killer.
    Best luck
    talha jilal
    Network engineer
    lahore Pakistan

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    hello to everyone..hope you can help me in my problems...

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