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Thread: How to degrade Windows vista to windows XP

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    Arrow How to degrade Windows vista to windows XP

    I have vista OS but some technical reason I want to change window xp. but I install xp then some device not working (as finger print reader, sound card ) . I have Lenovo HCQ 0768 laptop. Please any one have idea then suggest me..........

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    As always, you will need to get the drivers for the hardware. If Lenovo hacked the hardware from the reference design, then it could be a tricky one. Contacting Lenovo customer service may be best if you don't have an XP driver to download.

    If it is just the same as the reference drivers, I would go to the component manufacturer's site and grab their driver directly. The fingerprint reader I would be clueless on. But the sound card should be doable this way.

    FWIW, Compaq/HP tended to have been the worst in my experiences. Dell so-so, depending on the model of course. Gateway was another so-so. IBM/Lenovo tended to be pretty simple. But thats not counting any tablet or fingerprint reader stuff.

    Compaq would modify the hardware and require custom compaq drivers. The reference drivers from, DLink, 3Com, Yamaha, etc. would ever work.

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    I just want to share a method I sometimes use when I can't find the original OEM driver or need support for some Windows OS variety that is not officially supported (XP x64, Vista 64, etc). If I know the name of the chip, I go to the chip maker's web site and they often have reference drivers for use with some OEM vendors. But sometimes windows won't recognize any of those drivers as usable with your particular device because OEM vendor of your device changed the device ID. So in this case I open the Device Manager and under Details I look for the Hardware Ids. Then I open INF file and duplicate one of the device strings and replace Hardware ID to whatever I found in Device Manager. It usually works if you have the right chip.

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